On December 1, elves from the Elf Academy are sent to all homes where there are children. The elves are entrusted with a special mission: to keep Santa informed of the children’s behaviour. Although the elves are motionless during the day, they see everything even if you can’t see them.

At night time when everyone is asleep, the elves awaken and travel to the North Pole to tell Santa what they have seen during the day. Upon their return, and before the family awakes, they like to play tricks. Children sometimes find a half-eaten cookie or their shoelaces tied together!

On Christmas Eve, Flynn the flying reindeer assembles all the elves so they can help Santa deliver gifts. After December 24, the elves remain at the North Pole until the time comes to return to children’s homes the next year.


Foodie is the elf in charge of Santa’s pantry. He takes his role very seriously, to the point where he can’t help but sample everything he sees.






Stasher is the head elf at the Elf Academy. Watch out for things lying around, they may disappear and reappear in crazy places.




Klutz takes care of Santa’s reindeer. The only problem is that he is a bit clumsy, so it is easy to follow traces of his passage.





Scribbler is responsible for Santa’s mail. In addition to leaving notes about the house, Scribbler loves to draw.




Gadget loves to tinker about in Santa’s workshop. He loves to make piles of all kinds of objects and build structures everywhere.





Sparkles is responsible for wrapping gifts. She loves to wrap things up and tie ribbons on them.