The elves like it when you think about them all year long,
so they have found a few items for you...


Flynn the flying reindeer scarf

You won’t go unnoticed wearing this Elf Academy scarf featuring a Flynn the flying reindeer plush animal! Soft plush reindeer on the striped side and Elf Academy logo on the red side. 100% acrylic.

Length: 171cm. Width: 16cm


Elf Academy scarf

Proudly sport the colours of the Elf Academy                                                 wearing this soft, 100% acrylic scarf.

                                                Length: 171cm. Width: 16cm




Elf stocking

Proudly hang this Elf Academy stocking instead of the traditional Christmas stocking to make your holiday season even more magical.

22cm x 52cm


                                                Advent activities book

                                                An activity a day awaits children in                                                 this giant book starring elves from                                                 the Elf Academy.

                                                24 pages recto-verso.


Race to the North Pole game

Be the first to guide your elves to the path that leads them directly to the North Pole.


Magic elf powder

                                               Sprinkle about some magic elf powder                                                and get ready for the magic of the legend                                                of the elves.  The magic in this                                               extraordinary powder attracts elves and                                                multiplies their urge to play even more                                                mischievous tricks. Caution: we are not                                                responsible for the tricks your elf may                                                play…


Elf catcher

During the holiday season, an elf inhabits all homes where there are children. Some children are tempted to catch them to make them their friend. Assemble and customize your elf catcher so the hunt for elves becomes a fun-filled activity!  The kit includes many                                                accessories and detailed explanations. This tiny house may become more than an elf catcher. It may become your elf’s favourite hiding place!